Planning for College:

5/9/2018 To read an interesting article written by Annie Nova about the cost of a college education in the future click the link below.

New Parents and Saving for College

Saving for Retirement:

6/18/2018 To read about how home health care is changing, click on the link below.

Increase in Home Health Care

5/14/2018 How much will you need to cover health care cost in retirement? To read Kelli B Grant and  Sharon Epperson’s article on CNBC click the link below.

Health Care Costs in Retirement

5/14/2018 For tips on some ways to save for retirement and to see new statistics on who is saving, click on Jade Scipioni’s article for FOXBusiness News

21% of Americans have no retirement savings at all

5/16/2018 Curious about Social Security? Click on the link below to read Drew DeSilver’s article from Pew Research.

5 Facts About Social Security

5/16/2018 Planning on retiring in 2034? Click on the link below to read Pat Regnier’s article about the Social Security Trust Fund and what happens when it runs out.

What Happens when Social Security Trust Runs Out


5/9/2018  To watch the numbers change at an interesting pace, click on the link below.

US Debt Clock

5/9/2018 To learn with interactive charts for the last 100 years of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, click the link below.

Macrotrends Interactive Charts


Estate Planning:

5/9/2018 Wondering how much taxes would be for your estate? Click the link below to see.

Washington State Dept of Revenue



5/14/2018 Looking for information about the complexities of Foreign Assets? Read Robert J Kipnees article by clicking the link below.

What’s Next for US Taxpayers with Undisclosed Foreign Assets

5/16/2018 Wanting more information about Bitcoin? Click below to read what Joseph M Maas has written about the new trend.

Bitcoin by Joseph M Maas

Other Informative Links:

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Social Security Administration

Internal Revenue Service

Life Foundation

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